Oklahoma Cooperative Circuit Engineering Districts Board


The two main responsibilities of this board are managing the Circuit Engineering District, (CED) Revolving Fund and the Emergency and Transportation Revolving (ETR) Fund. The CED Fund is used to pay for OCCEDB expenses with the majority of the funds apportioned equally between the eight Circuit Engineering Districts. Each district decides how and where to spend CED funds. The ETR Fund helps counties with project cash flow. These funds can be used to “front” the expense of construction of road and bridge projects, but must be repaid by the county back to ETR. Why use this fund if you have to pay it back? Construction costs have increased over 75%, so if we can build it today our dollar will go farther. Any funding sources available to counties may be used to reimburse the ETR fund. We continue to reach out and communicate with our State Legislators, Congressmen and Tribes through educational opportunities and meetings. We use these situations to tell your story; the conditions of the County Highway System and discover ways to partner with them to find project funding solutions. Issues that you face are funding, safety, escalating costs, adequate equipment, personnel, and constituents that don’t understand why you just don’t fix the road.



Oklahoma Statutes

Under title 69 section 687.1 (J)

J. Circuit engineering districts are authorized to organize a statewide board consisting of the chairpersons duly elected by each of their respective circuit engineering districts. The statewide board organized pursuant to this section shall:

1. Have the power to conduct business, including the development of policies and procedures, incur expenses, and contract for services so long as such business furthers the provisions of this act; [FN2]

2. Coordinate activities between circuit engineering districts;

3. Administer the Statewide Circuit Engineering District Revolving Fund, created pursuant to Section 687.2 of this title; and

4. Have authority to promulgate rules to carry out the provisions of this act.