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State of Oklahoma County Highway System Design Guidelines Manual 2013

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation, ODOT, and the Association of County
Commissioners of Oklahoma, ACCO, pursuant to State Statute Title 69 § 689 first
developed the County Roads Design Guidelines Manual in 1991. The intent here is to
update methodologies and information for future use in the design on the County Highway
System. The Design Subcommittee made recommendations and forwarded those
recommendations on for comments to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Circuit
Engineering Districts, Federal Highway Administration, and the Oklahoma Association of
County Engineers.
Counties and Engineers use this manual as guidance on projects that exist on the County
Highway System. These projects may be classified as:
(Examples of work activities included)
1. New Construction - new alignment
2. Reconstruction - major changes to horizontal/vertical alignment, pavement structure
3. Resurfacing, Restoration, Rehabilitation (3R) – overlays, minor pavement width
and/or alignment changes......