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County Road and Bridge Funding Sources

A)  Oversight by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)

State Funds

  1. County Equipment Revolving Fund

a. Administered by the County Advisory Board, CAB

b. Averages 4.5 to 5 million/year

c. Contact:  Roger Chambers, ODOT, (405) 521-2329.

   2.  Industrial, Historic site and Lake Access Funds,

a. 2.5 million, FY 2011, industrial access

b. 2.5 million, FY 2011, lake/historic access

c. Can be used on city streets and county roads.

d. Contact:  Roger Chambers, ODOT, (405) 521-2329.

   3.  County Improvements for Roads and Bridges, (CIRB) 

a. Averages 75 million/year, divided evenly between ODOT’s Field Divisions

b. Circuit Engineering Districts, CEDs, develop the Five-Year Construction Plans.

c. Only contract projects let thru ODOT


Federal Funds – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

  1. Federal Bridge Funds

a. Overall Funding available for bridge length structures, 20’ or longer

b. Programs

Bridge Replacement Funds (BR)

- Bridge Rehabilitation (BH)

- Preventive Maintenance (PM)

- Safety Bridge Inspection

c. Funding eligibility

Bridge Replacement Funds (BR) eligibility, bridge < 50 sufficiency rating & functionally obsolete or structurally deficient.

- Bridge Rehabilitation (BH) eligibility, bridge between 50 & 80 sufficiency rating.

- Preventive Maintenance (PM) you must have a systematic process for project selection.

- Safety Bridge Inspection is mandated by the Federal Highway Administration, FHWA, on bridge length structures. 

d. Funding limits

- BR, BH and PM all together limited to 16.5 million in odd numbered years and 20 million in even numbered years.

- Safety Bridge Inspection funded with 3.5 million in odd numbered years.

   2.  Surface Transportation Program (STP)

a. Surface Transportation Program     

- Road projects, grade, drain and surface on county major and minor collectors.

- 6 million/year

   3.  Emergency Relief (ER) Funds

a. Disaster funding on Major Collectors


B)  Oversight by Oklahoma Cooperative Circuit Engineering Districts Board, OCCEDB

  1. Emergency Transportation and Revolving Fund (ETR)

a. 25 million statewide available for cash flow

b.  Must reimburse funds borrowed

   2.  Circuit Engineering District Revolving fund

a. Generates approximately 3.5 million/year

b. Sources of revenue are the gasoline and diesel tax, special fuel tax, gross production tax on oil, and ETR fund’s interest earned.


C)  Oversight directly by the Counties

  1. County Road & Bridge Improvement Fund (CBRI)

a. Averages 25 million/year (as of 2010) (105C account)

b. County Built, contract projects and maintenance on roads/bridges

c. SB 1288, one-time 25 million increase in funding for county bridges from ODOT’s M&O fund.  (103C account)

d. Sources of revenue are the gasoline and diesel tax, special fuel tax and gross production tax on oil.

   2.  County Highway Fund

a. Sources of revenue are fuel taxes, Gross production, Motor vehicle collections, all disbursed directly by Tax Commission.

      - Averages over 260 million/year into the counties’ County Highway Fund.

b. County-wide sale tax for roads and bridges

      - In FY 2006 twenty-four counties generated 30 million for roads/bridges.


D)  Oversight by the Tribes

Tribal Funds

  1. Tag fees, other revenue sources, varies by Tribe.

Federal Funds – Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

  1. Indian Reservation and Road (IRR) Funds

a. Approximately 300 million/year available for 562 Tribes in the US.

   2.  Indian Reservation and Road (IRR) Bridge Funds

a.  Approximately 14 million/year available for 562 Tribes in the US.


E)  Oversight by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  1. Disaster funds for Minor Collectors and Local Roads


F)  Oversight by the Substate Planning Districts – Council of Governments (COG)

  1. Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP)

a. FY 2011 funding is 12.4 million 

   2.  Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Other Grants


G)  Oversight by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

  1. Programs and Grants