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FAQ’s / Statutes and Attorney General Opinions

  • ACCO and OCCEDB have compiled a group of statutes and Attorney General (AG) opinions that have been used over the years to answer questions asked of us. These questions and answers are provided as a resource for county officers but should not be construed as legal opinions. County commissioners and other county officers should consult with their District Attorney for legal counsel.

Do county highway funds distributed to a county have to be shared equally by all three commissioners?

Does machinery and equipment purchased with county highway funds belong to the entire county or does it belong to individual commissioner districts?

Answer: 1995 OK AG 95

Are there limitations on budget spending in the final year of a term if a county commissioner is not succeeding their self?

Answer: 19 OS § 347 C

Can a county purchase fuel from a co-op that a commissioner is a member of?

Answer: 62 OS § 371 E

Are newly elected county officials able to receive travel reimbursements for training?

Answer: 19 OS § 165

Can counties purchase off another counties bid?

Answer: 19 OS § 1501


Additional FAQ's can be found by visiting the OSU County Training Program website.

Oklahoma statutes and AG opinions can be found online at www.oscn.net

* If you have a statute or AG opinion you would like to submit, please email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it