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  • ACCO and OCCEDB have compiled a group of statutes and Attorney General (AG) opinions that have been used over the years to answer questions asked of us. These questions and answers are provided as a resource for county officers but should not be construed as legal opinions. County commissioners and other county officers should consult with their District Attorney for legal counsel.

Can county commissioners establish a longevity pay program and who is eligible to receive this pay?

Answer: 19 OS § 18§0.84

Are county leave policies limited in any way?

Answer: 19 OS § 1301

Can county commissioners give safety and/or incentive awards to county employees?

Answer: 19 OS § 339 A 10

Are employees allowed time off to vote?

Answer: 26 OS § 7-101

If state employees are required to work on a holiday, are they entitled to a day off work on an alternate date?

Answer: 25 OS § 82.1 D

Are there provisions on how and when an employee must use accrued compensatory time?

Answer: 74 OS § 840-2.15 B,C

Under the leave sharing program, what situations allow a state employee to donate annual or sick leave to a fellow state employee who has exhausted all types of paid leave?

Answer: 74 OS § 840-2.23

Are employees of elected officials required to work an eight-hour day and are county officers required to maintain office hours of eight hours per workday?

Answer: 1983 OK AG 219

Is a county employee prohibited from receiving raises, lateral transfers or promotions while a person related to that employee is an officer of the same county?
Answer: 1990 OK AG 25

What is defined as a workday for public employees and can there be an alternative work schedule?

Answer: 61 OS § 3 A,B

Are counties required to have an employee to coordinate all safety programs?

Answer: 40 OS § 403 E

May a board of county commissioners and members of a county excise board fail to designate a mandated holiday and the days county offices will be closed?

Answer: 1984 OK AG 56

Can a county commissioner assign county employees to a workweek of four ten-hour days?

Answer: 1987 OK AG 4

If a person is elected to be a county commissioner, must all relatives to that person who are currently employees of the county resign their positions or employments?

Answer: 1988 OK AG 45

Is reinstatement of health insurance coverage available to former state employees?

Answer: 74 OS § 840-2.271

What are the leave benefits for employees who are reinstated after a break in service?

Answer: 74 OS § 840-2.20

Can a county employee do contract work for the county?

Answer: 69 OS § 630

Are counties allowed to provide paid leave to employees affected by a national disaster?

Answer: 19 OS § 180.90


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Oklahoma statutes and AG opinions can be found online at www.oscn.net

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